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Questions Before My Appointment

Questions After My Appointment

What if I have a medical emergency?
If you have a medical emergency, you should go to the nearest hospital or dial 911, or contact your doctor immediately.

Why do I need a Holistic Health Analysis?
If you agree we're all different and unique - then why would we all take the same one supplement? Everyone should have an analysis completed to determine what foods and supplements work best for them. There is no need to fear or feel intimidated by the analysis report - this information is intended to help you.

How do I book my appointment with Clovers?
Simply call or email. Please tell us where you live and we can suggest a practitioner that is closest to you. Our contact information is found here

What do I bring to my first appointment?
If you are currently taking daily supplements, it's suggested you bring all containers with you to your appointment.

How often should I have my analysis completed?
If you are in good health - it's suggested you have an appointment every 6 months to 12 months. If you are targeting a specific health goal it's recommended you have an appointment approximately every 6 weeks or 3 months.

How much water should I drink?
To get a better answer for your body - it's suggested to have an analysis completed during your appointment to better answer this question. Generally, you should be drinking at least 4 glasses of water each day. Juice, Pop, Tea, Coffee do not count as water. Water should be water with nothing added as your body will have to work harder to break down the added substances or ingredients. When taking the capsules, it should be with water.

How many capsules should I be taking each day?
Always refer to your yellow exam sheet. You would have received this during your appointment. Look to the right-hand side to see how many capsules or servings are suggested for each product. If you are unsure, please contact us

What foods should I avoid?
Always refer to your yellow exam sheet. You would have received this during your appointment. Look to the Bottom right-hand side to see what foods were suggested to avoid and for how long. If you are unsure, please contact us

What does my Yellow Exam Sheet tell me?
Your yellow exam sheet will show a report on observations and indications of factors happening in your body. Some of these will have happened recently and others will have developed over time, some are even hereditary. The section under "CONGESTION" reflects areas of your body that under stress due to factors such as: mucous, inflammation, or toxins and chemicals, etc. The bottom section called "CAPACITY" reflects performance of areas of your body such as circulation and capacity or perhaps mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Where should I store my products/bottles?
You should store your capsules containers in a room temperature away from direct sunlight (Do not set the bottles in the kitchen window). For liquids, its generally suggested to keep them in the refrigerator. Please read all labels carefully because there are some exceptions to these general guidelines.

How do I use the magnets?
Please open and read the following PDF file - Body Magnets


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